One of Chi Town’s best-kept secrets, the Spirit of Chicago Yacht. This spacious vessel has a state of the art sound system, and a lovely decorum within it’s 3  climate-controlled interior decks.

The Interior of The Spirit of Chicago

You’ll start off on the Fiesta Deck. A name that fits perfectly because this is where the party kicks off. Its bright dancefloor will call out to you, don’t resist, get your groove on and go boogie.

Make your way up to the Jubilee Deck. It’s tastefully allocated seating, coupled with its spacious design will give you more of what this magnificent vessel has to offer. Keep making your way upwards towards the Celebration Deck. If the Fiesta is where the party kick’s off, then this is where the party comes to cool off before kicking it right back into high gear.

The Sky Deck

Now, if you thought the interior was something to look at, you’ll be baffled by the sheer beauty of the sky deck at the very top of the Spirit of Chicago. Decorated tastefully with chic furniture offset by the bold, blue flooring. It’s here where you’ll get the absolute best views of Chicago skyline and it’s landmarks. Like the Aon Center, The Jardine Water Purification Plant, and the John Hancock Center.


600 East Grand Ave, Navy Pier
Chicago, IL 60611

About Rock the Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party Aboard the Spirit of Chicago

Chitown! We’re kicking off the Chicago summer season with an excellent midnight affair cruising on one of the city’s best-kept secrets, The Spirit of Chicago Yacht. We have everything we need for the first yacht party of the summer season, all that’s left is you. Tickets will move fast, so secure your spot on this inaugural Chicago summer shindig before it’s too late.

Midnight Chicago Summer Yacht Party

Meet us at Navy Pier and start the summer with good vibes, great music, and unbeatable views of our amazing city on a #YachtyOnTheLake. Set sail aboard The Spirit of Chicago, a gorgeous, spacious yacht with three climate-controlled interior decks, multiple bars, and a sky deck.  

The party starts the second you board the boat. Mingle and make your way to one of the vessel bar areas and order yourself something nice. We’ve also got a live DJ playing the latest and greatest to keep the dance floor busy.

Let’s Get Social!

We know you’re bound to take some amazing photos and vids while you’re cruising on our excellent midnight yacht party. So why not share those memories with the rest of us on social media? While you’re at it, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let everybody know where the real party’s at with our hashtags #YachtyOnTheLake and #ChiTownSummer.

Ticket Types

General Admission – Grants you permission to board an excellent midnight summer yacht party.

  • Access to all four decks on The Spirit of Chicago
  • Enjoy the stylings of our Live DJ all night long.
  • Cash bar available.

Couple Package – Bring one other special person and have an amazing night!

  • Grants everything offered in general admission.

Entourage of Four – You and the crew can start the summer on a wild midnight yacht party!

  • Grants everything offered in general admission.


Boarding: 11:55PM
Returning: 1:00AM
Departing: 3:00AM

Age Requirement: 21+

Now You Know!
Alright, we’ve told you everything you need to know to start the Chicago summer season right. Now all that’s left is to make plans, tell a few friends, maybe pick out an outfit, and get those tickets. Hurry! We won’t be holding on to these tickets for too long.

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About Rock the Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party Aboard the Spirit of Chicago

Still have that 4th of July energy after all the fireworks and festivities? So do we! So much of it that, we’re throwing a super dope Independence weekend party cruise. You down to party with us this weekend on The Lake? Great! Then head to Navy Pier cause the Rock The Yacht: Midnight Yacht Party is looking to be one of the best Chicago cruise events of the summer!

One Of The Best Chicago Cruise Events Of The Season

Picture this; it’s Friday on a gorgeous summer night in Chicago, The Loop is lively, The Lake is looking gorgeous, and you’re on a Yacht basking in all this beauty with a drink in your hand, good music playing, and everyone’s having a good time. Sounds like fun? Well that’s what you’ll expect on this Midnight cruise.You’ll be aboard The Spirit of Chicago Yacht. A magnificent vessel with 3 indoor floors, and an observation deck where you’ll get premium views Grant Park, the AON center, and rest of that famous Chicago skyline. Let that cool summer midnight breeze take you away as the good vibes sink in, and lose yourself to the groove.

Speaking of groove. Grab a drink at one the bars located on the ship, and bust out a couple moves on the dance floor. Our live DJ will ensure a night of chill vibes playing the hottest tracks in Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, and Top 40 hits.Okay so now that you know what’s going on…What are you waiting for? Tell your friends, clear your schedule, and get your ticket(s) now before they run out.

Get your ticket(s) now! Before we run out!

Hey, you know those amazing pics and vids you’ll be taking the whole night? You shouldn’t be greedy with all those good memories, post em’ up on social media and let everyone know your were living your best life on one of coolest Chicago cruise events. While you’re at it, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Use #OnTheLake so everyone knows where the party’s at!

Boarding 11:55PM
Departing 1:00AM
Returning 3:00AM

Age Requirement: 21+

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