Just as great as the Anita Dee, the Anita Dee II will sail you around Chicago in luxury and comfort. This yacht is the perfect venue for your events or to attend a celebration on. Make this yacht your go-to destination for your holiday celebrations and even special celebrations. Celebrate your birthday, an anniversary, a job promotion, or anything you like aboard this great cruise. The Anita Dee II Chicago is a 140-foot long yacht that can accommodate up to 400 guests on board. Sail aboard this multileveled yacht with three levels for you to enjoy. This yacht has two inner decks and one outer deck. The salon deck features a grand piano and leather couches, while the dining deck has a spacious dance floor. The outdoor deck of the yacht will give you an amazing view of Chicago as you sail throughout the windy city.


The Anita Dee II Chicago was built to give you the best venue for your events and the interior of the yacht reflects just that. Art deco styled etched glass covers the interior of this wonderful yacht. Make the Anita Dee II your number one pick for your events and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful experience.


200 N Breakwater Access
Chicago, IL 60601