Celebrate a Special Occasion on Our Chicago Party Cruises!

Have you been looking for the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or just a special occasion in general? Sure, going to your favorite restaurant or nightclub is always a good idea but how about celebrating on the seas? Our weekly Chicago party cruises are perfect for celebrating that special occasion with a unique experience. Sail through the Windy City on our party cruises and enjoy views, drinks, and a night out that you definitely won’t forget! Check out what you’ve been missing out on our Chicago party cruises and start planning your special celebration today!

Weekly Chicago Party Cruises for You

We have two weekly Chicago party cruises that you can celebrate your special occasion on. Continue the fun from the weekend on our Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise and continue the weekend fun on Monday!

Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise

The Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise is perfect to celebrate any occasion on. This Chicago party cruise takes place on the spacious Anita Dee II yacht that has three levels for you to enjoy. Enjoy any of the spacious levels on board or head out to the outdoor deck and catch views of the Chicago skyline and all of its landmarks. Celebrate and dance to the sounds of a live DJ as you enjoy a special celebration on the seas aboard the Anita Dee II. Not only will our weekly Chicago party cruises treat you to views of the city and music but also drinks with our fully stocked cash bar! Raise a glass and drink on the seas as you celebrate a night out that you will definitely talk about for days to come!

We also offer great group rates for large parties so be sure to contact us if you will be celebrating with a large party. Ticket prices for this weekly Chicago party cruise begin at $25 and we have multiple dates available for you to book. Check out all of the dates available for this weekly Monday night Chicago party cruise and start planning out that special celebration this year!

Tuesday Night Happy Hour Cruise

The Tuesday Night Happy Hour Cruise gives you the option to celebrate on Tuesday night instead of Monday if you need some more time to recover from the weekend. Party on the Anita Dee II yacht every Tuesday night and celebrate with your friends on the seas. This Chicago party cruise will, of course, treat you to the best songs of this year with a live DJ and the drinks will definitely keep pouring. The Anita Dee II will have fully stocked cash bars on board for you to enjoy drinks as you sail and celebrate. Check out all of the dates we have available for this Chicago party cruise and book your special celebration on board today!

For More Information:

If you would like to contact us about our Chicago party cruises, please click here. To view all of the Chicago party cruise dates available, click here.

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Monday Chicago party cruises

Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise

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Tuesday Chicago party cruises

Tuesday Night Happy Hour Cruise

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