Alive After Five

A Guide To Our Thursday Alive After Five Cruises In NYC

Over at After Work Cruises, we live by one rule; it’s never too early, or too late in the week to party. We’re pretty big fans of the weekday shindig ourselves and have plenty of afterwork functions around the country. Our weekday NYC parties add to the “Greatest City in The World” moniker the city is so well known for. […]

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Head To An Awesome After Work Party Cruise in Chicago

Summertime’s here Chicago! Shed those winter coats and go out and explore everything The Loop has to offer. Just to be clear, we’ve all had a case of the after-work boost. Right? Y’know, that sudden burst of energy you get (sometimes) right after leaving the job. It comes out of nowhere, and usually just leads […]

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NYC happy hours

NYC Happy Hours to Check Out After Work!

There’s probably no better feeling than leaving work and hitting up happy hour in New York City. The city is definitely home to some amazing NYC happy hours. Whether you’re craving a beer, wine or a mixed drink there’s somewhere in the city where you can get one of those and for cheap! If you […]

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after work cruises

Our After Work Cruises Party Experience!

You just got out of work and you’re thinking, what is there to do or where should you spend your night. Sure, you can hit up your favorite local bar or the nightly hot spots, but where’s the fun in that? You’ve probably been to the same places time and time again and you’re definitely […]

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Chicago happy hour specials

Chicago Happy Hour Specials you Can’t Miss!

There’s nothing better than leaving work and hitting up the best happy hour specials that the city has to offer. After working hard all day, you just want to relax and unwind with a drink and some friends. We know the feeling and that’s why we’re here to help you find the best happy hour […]

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NYC after work events NYC skyline

Our Upcoming NYC After Work Events

After a long day at work, you definitely want to just relax and enjoy a great night out. With New York City always having something going on, where should you head to unwind after a long day? Check out these NYC after work events and add some fun into your week! There’s definitely no better NYC […]

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Celebrate a Special Occasion on Our NYC Party Cruises!

Looking for an event to celebrate a special occasion? Maybe you want to celebrate your birthday a little different this year or celebrate that new promotion at your job. Regardless of what you’re looking to celebrate, our NYC party cruises are perfect for celebrating any special occasion! Check out all of our weekly NYC party […]

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Celebrate a Special Occasion on Our Chicago Party Cruises!

Have you been looking for the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or just a special occasion in general? Sure, going to your favorite restaurant or nightclub is always a good idea but how about celebrating on the seas? Our weekly Chicago party cruises are perfect for celebrating that special occasion with a unique […]

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Start off July 4th on Our NYC Party Cruise!

With July 4th falling on a Tuesday, you definitely need to get your celebration started early. Waste no time this year and make your way to Pier 40 for the Pre-IndepenDANCE Party Cruise Aboard the Audubon Yacht! This NYC party cruise sets sail Monday, July 3rd for an early NYC July 4th celebration on the seas. Take your Monday night […]

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