Head To An Awesome After Work Party Cruise in Chicago

Summertime’s here Chicago! Shed those winter coats and go out and explore everything The Loop has to offer. Just to be clear, we’ve all had a case of the after-work boost. Right? Y’know, that sudden burst of energy you get (sometimes) right after leaving the job. It comes out of nowhere, and usually just leads to a really energetic commute home. You might not know where to put all that energy. Well, we’ve got a couple of ideas for you. How about you go try a weekday party cruise in Chicago. Don’t know where to find them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Chicago Party Cruises

Weekday Party Cruise in Chicago

Hate Mondays? Why? You can’t start a productive week if at the beginning you’re already feeling the day’s pulling your teeth. Life’s too short to stay grumpy all the time. Plus, there’s plenty of reasons not to hate Mondays. The most important one being our weekly Monday Night Sunset Cocktail Cruise that takes you on a trip across the Lake aboard the beautiful Mystic Blue Yacht. Catch a drink with like-minded individuals looking to liven up an otherwise mundane Monday. Choose from a menu of bar classics and enjoy the magnificent view of Chi-Town’s skyline. This cruise is setting sail every Monday this summer, so don’t miss your chance to party like it’s Friday, on a Monday.

But it doesn’t stop there, we’re also T’d on Tuesdays on the good o’le Mystic Blue. Our Rock The Yacht Tuesday Night Happy Hour Cruise is the perfect place for you to let loose off the clock. Head to Navy Pier, hop aboard, and hit the dancefloor. There will be a live DJ playing the hottest Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Top 40 Hits the entire cruise. Grab a drink while you enjoy the sights of the Chicago skyline. Cool off from a hot day in that hot office and let that summer breeze remind you how beautiful the Windy City is. This happy hour cruise will be setting sail every Tuesday this summer; so meet us on The Lake for some weekday fun.

We’ve Also Got Tons Of Upcoming 4th of July Cruises

After you’ve done your duties as a weekday warrior, it’s nice to treat yourself to a little after-work fun. Good thing we know exactly where all the best weekly cruises are, and now you know where they are too. You’re welcome.

Alright, Now What?

So you’ve sailed on one of these cruises, but you’re just not quite ready to just call it night. We understand, so here are some recommendations on great water-side eateries you’d want to check out.

Chicago Cut Steakhouse
A steakhouse with its own dry-aging room? Count us in! This Chicago staple has a plethora of appetizing sounding appetizers like the Lobsterscargot (lobster tail pieces dipped in garlic butter) and the Lollipop Lamb Chops. Not to mention an extensive amount of options for fresh seafood and salad. Oh, and there’s also steaks.

Oak Street Beach Food + Drink
This nice beach-side bistro has enough flavor-filled foods to totally destroy that beach bod you’ve been building all winter. You could grab a Chicago Dog, or a Mag Mile Burger, then wash it down with one of their signature frozen margaritas.

Dick’s Last Resort
This place is anything but a last resort, Dick’s has been well known for its vibrancy, and light-hearted jabbing. Servers routinely place dunce cap Esq paper hats with less than flattery words scribbled on them atop the heads unsuspecting guest. But hey, it’s worth it once you get a bite of their signature fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Upcoming July 4th party cruise in Chicago

You can’t think of summer without thinking about fireworks, and you can’t think of fireworks without thinking about the USA’s birthday. This year, Chicago’s got some cool events for the week of July 4th; like these excellent party cruises. The party kicks off July 3rd at Navy Pier on the Rock The Yacht: Pre-July 4th Cruise aboard The Spirit of Chicago.

You could also start your July 4th shenanigans at our Midnight IndepenDANCE Yacht Party aboard The Odyssey. The yacht itself is a gorgeous beast of a boat, with it’s three interior decks, and sky deck. One thing you can be sure of is there’s enough space for everyone to boogie on the dancefloor. So get ready for a midnight 4th of July party you’ll never forget. Have a blast with a night dancing, drinking, and getting as patriotic as you can get!

We’re turning Independence Day into independence week with all of our 4th of July themed events. Click below and take a look at all the festive cruises we’ve got planned throughout the week of 4th of July in Chicago.


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